Uploading excel files into the browser

Date posted: October 26, 2015

My latest project at trivago: I HAD TO REMOVE THE LINK FOR SAFETY REASONS

The goal of this tool is to upload excel files to the server. After the excel is uploaded I create a table in the database. And fill the table with the data of the excel file.

The format of the excel file should be as followed:

Column 1. destination
Column 2. path id

In the mysql I create an extra column: default image.

Further background info:

Based on the “Path ID” I create a image filename. f.e. Amsterdam has path id: 46814 by default the image filename will be 46814_v1.jpg

With the results of the columns of the data inside the database I wil check if the images based on the default filename are available on the trivago server.

If they are available they will show up in the tool. I also check if there are more images (“versions”) available. They show up on the end of each row.

Users can change the default images by clicking them.

Once the user has chosen which version of the image he wants to use. And is ready editing. He can download the excel.

To make all this magic happen I use the following libraries: